Responding to My Last Slashdot Troll, Part 3

Photo by Anthony Martino on Unsplash

This essay is in response to several comments (here and here). My last troll on Slashdot can’t respond on Medium without violating the Terms of Service (TOS). The response on Slashdot should be entertaining. You can read Part 2 here.

I hope YouTube finally bans his channel for the sub for sub gimmicks he is into with other un-creative “creators” he hangs around with and who are trying to build their personal spamming brands on YouTube while providing no value at all!

This comment might be about winning a Christmas present from follow YouTuber, Daniel Batal, on Twitter. His giveaway was quite simple. Post the link to a content creation tool that you want for Christmas that cost between $1 USD and $100 USD. The person who comes closest to the price point that he picked will get their Christmas present.

I posted a link to Zhiyun Smooth X gimbal for $60 USD. Another person posted something for $90 USD. His price point was $75 USD. We were both within $15 of his number. Since there were only two of us who participated, he gave both of us cash via PayPal to buy our Christmas present.

Sub for sub is requesting a channel to subscribe to your channel and then subscribing to their channel in return. When subscribers mattered to the algorithm, this was the fastest way to grow a channel. YouTube banned this practice years ago. If I did sub for sub on my channel, my last Slashdot troll would have no problems getting my channel terminated in a heartbeat.

As for “personal spamming brands,” it’s not uncommon for YouTubers to have Amazon affiliate links in the description of their videos. One of many ways to monetize a channel on YouTube.

If you search on YouTube for “Is Fry’s Electronics closing?” for some reason, he is in the top 20 results.

When you make multiple videos about the same subject, your videos will end up in the top 20 search results.

I’m the only person on YouTube who covered Fry’s Electronics since the Palo Alto store closure announcement in August 2019. As a PC builder for 25 years, Fry’s Electronics played a huge role in my life. The Campbell store near my home closed last month.

During the course of making ten videos, a clear pattern emerged that real estate developers were calling the shots on closing stores. The lone exception being the North Sacramento store that was damaged by looters during the George Floyd protests. The looters realized their mistake and looted the nearby Dollar Tree store, which had a better selection to loot from. The store has been “temporarily closed” since June 2020.

I’m planning another video to cover the redevelopment proposal to turn Washington state’s only Fry’s Electronics into a 1,000-unit multifamily development.

This is something to be proud of! Other people are proud of a growing family, successful careers, artistic achievement, or maybe just owning an expensive car or bauble, but creimer is proud of picking up junk search results in YouTube.

A Growing Family — I became a Christian when I was in college and dating women meant following a set of rules. One of those rules was having self-discipline (i.e., keeping my pants zipped). Being a 51-year-old male virgin doesn’t bother me at all.

As Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) said in Magnum Force, “A good man always know his limitations.”

Artistic Achievement — I’ve been a writer for 25+ years and always wrote for money. My writings have never been sanctioned by a official gatekeeper in traditional media. Therefore, I’m not an artist. That too doesn’t bother me.

A newspaper reporter wonders why her writings goes nowhere but Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” is a bestselling author. He points out the word “bestselling” on her note pad and suggests that she take a marketing course on selling. She ends the interview in a huff. No artist would ever stoop so low as to take a marketing course.

An Expensive Car or Bauble — For most of my life, I’ve taken public transit to get around Silicon Valley. I’ve owned two used cars, each one costing $1,600 in cash, that got me from Point A to Point B and broke down at Point C. When the annual repairs became too expensive, Pick N’ Pull pays $240 USD to tow each car away. If someone thinks I’m “poor” for owning a used car or using public transit, so what?

When I worked at Cisco Systems in 2013, the engineers would argue about the hardware specs of Tesla electric cars like the components for a PC build. Most engineers had one Tesla. Some engineers had two Tesla. One engineer was distraught that his bank wouldn’t approve a loan for a third Tesla.

Junk Search Results — Let’s break down the numbers for my three most popular video series (ordered by watch time).

If you want to build an audience on YouTube, making a series of videos that people want to watch is a great way to do that.



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